Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek Confessions

It's that time again:

Wednesdays are beginning to become tolerable one of my favorite days of the week all because of Midweek Confessions!! So, without further ado, here are my confessions:

*I really adore PostSecret. If you haven't heard of PostSecret you need to click on that link and check it out. A guy named Frank Warren started a movement where he handed out postcards with his address on it to a bunch of people on the street. The instructions on the card said to reveal a secret they had never told anyone and send it back to him. To date he has 100s of 1000s of secrets sent to him and he posts a few every week. There are also PostSecret books. I have never sent in a secret, but I love reading other people's. Maybe that's why I like Midweek Confessions so much, it's a chance to share your "secrets" and read about others. I didn't make this secret...but I could have!

*My baby turns 8 (!) on Friday. This makes me feel soooooo old. He's awesome and I love him. Here we are a couple of weeks ago at Thunder Over Louisville!
Thunder 2012

*I am pale and proud of it! While putting on shorts the other day I noticed that I am almost ready to star in Twilight pale, ...and totally okay with it. There was a time in my life that I went to the tanning bed a lot. I started tanning my freshmen year of college and loved it. When I moved to Florida a few years later I stopped using the tanning bed, but spent plenty of time in the sun. When I moved back to Kentucky I started tanning again. Of course, most of the time I just used it as an excuse to get a 15-minute nap. I don't tan anymore. I have embraced my paleness. We'll see if I keep the same stance when I move back to Florida, lol.

*I am sad. Terry and I have managed to come to an agreement. Our attorneys have a little more legal jargon stuff to clean up on our agreement and then we can sign it and it will officially be filed. 60 days later I will be divorced....somebody's ex-wife. This is so heartbreaking. I cry at least once a day. I know that one day my life will move on and I'll be happy again, but right now I'm sad.

Okay, that one was a little heavy for Midweek Confessions. Here's one that's a little lighter!

*When it comes to weather I am a spoiled brat! I hate being cold and I hate being hot...I'm pretty much only happy when it's 72-ish degrees outside, sunny, breezy, and I have some shade if I want to utilize it. That's not to say that I don't enjoy outdoor stuff even if the weather isn't perfect. I've hiked in extreme heat and spent the entire day outside by a river when it's really cold and rainy. I can handle it...I just don't like it. It is going to be 90 degrees today...I am NOT pleased!

What are you confessing this week?



  1. I am pale too (love "ready for Twilight pale" btw). I really like laying in tanning beds, but I just get red and freckely but its so warm and happy in there. Stupid risk of skin cancer

  2. I just saw you on Kelly's Korner. I live in Palm Coast, FL, so I will be about 20 minutes up the beach from you when you move. ;0

  3. Found your blog on Kelly's Korner. I'm a Central FL girl... probably about 30 minutes away from Ormond.

  4. I'm over from Kelly's Korner too. Live in West Volusia- about 20 min from Ormond.

  5. Awesome! Maybe when I get down there we can all get together!