Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Monday

Today I'm linking up with The Happy Day Blog for Dear Monday.

Dear Monday,
It was a bit of a rocky weekend, please be nice today.

Dear Father's Day,
You were unexpectedly a really hard day. Next time can a girl get a little warning?

Dear Heart,
He doesn't love you, he loves someone else. Please stop freaking out every time you are reminded of this fact. Let it go. It's going to be okay.

Dear Gym,
It's been awhile, but tonight we will meet again.

Dear Dojo,
I'm going to cheat on you with the gym.

Dear Friends,
I love you all and don't know what I would do without you :)

Dear Me,
You're pretty awesome. I know things are hard right now, but it is going to get better. Life is going to be beautiful, you'll see. Just hang in there.

Your turn. Go ahead, tell Monday what you think of it.



  1. Sounds like you're going through a rough patch! I hope things cheer up for you quick. Love your little note to yourself at the end. :)

  2. Hope your heart gets a break soon. So not fun. :(

  3. Your prince will come someday and he won't break your heart.