Friday, February 4, 2011


I woke up this morning sooooo sleepy but sooooo excited that it is FINALLY Friday. This week has felt super long! This weekend should be fun. Tonight we are having dinner with friends, tomorrow is karate, and because it's the 1st Saturday of the month the adults and kids get to have class together which should be super fun! Sunday the Packers are in the Super Bowl!!! I am a Green Bay Packers Fan by marriage, but I am a dedicated fan and after some awesome playoff games I am so ready to see how they do in the big game!

This morning I had a pretty normal morning at work and then I got a text that frustrated me completely! I won't go into too much detail, but someone needs me to do them a favor that requires me to wake up pre-6 am on a Saturday morning and do something that puts me completely out of my comfort zone. Now, this person originally made a commitment to do this thing themself, but can't now because they need to be with a friend that is going through a very tough time right now. I understand this. I am sympathetic to this. Normally I would have no problem waking up early and being pushed out of my comfort zone for someone in this situation, but (there's always a but) this is a pattern. This person consistently makes commitments and then can't follow through with it and the burden falls to other people last minute (I am super surprised that I got 18 hours notice, normally I probably would have gotten a call at like 10 pm the night before). It makes me want to say no...but I can't, if I say no then someone else has to do it and it's my turn.

I'm trying a new thing: When I have a negative reaction to a situation I ask myself "what can I learn from this?" that way at least there is something positive to come out of an experience. Here's what I learned.

This person has a pattern of bailing, it sucks. It makes me wonder what my patterns are. I have a pattern of not answering my phone, or saying I will call someone and not doing it. Does that pattern frustrate the people in my life as much as this person's pattern frustrates me? When I have a legitimate excuse for not calling someone back is it ignored because I have offered either no reason or bad excuses in the past? Ick, I'm no better than this person. Learning a lesson is hard :( I will try to do better. I probably will still not answer my phone (sorry) but I will make an effort to call people back when they leave me messages!

I leave you with a picture collage of my favorite Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews :swoon: I <3 him!

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