Monday, February 7, 2011


So, football season is officially over :(

Growing up I was never a tomboy. I was a girly, girly, girly-girl. As I got older I learned to appreciate sports. I played soccer with the boys and (mostly) understood the rules. I learned how basketball was played and, on more than one occasion, got too caught up in yelling at the refs during basketball games and forgot that I was supposed to be cheering. When Terry and I first started dating I made him teach me the names of all the Green Bay Packers so I could pretend like I knew what I was talking about. If I would have been honest with myself I would have had to admit that most of this was done to impress boys. I didn't mind sports, but I didn't love them either.

Through the years I have picked up on football and understand the game. This year the boys let me play fantasy football with them. I did my research and attended the draft and had a blast playing this season. I led the league throughout the whole season but lost in the playoffs (thanks to Aaron Rodgers' 2nd concussion of the season)and ended up coming in 3rd place. Not bad for a girl in her first season. While playing fantasy football I learned a lot about football and really developed a love for it. My love for the Green Bay Packers was also solidified this season.

The Packers put us through quite a roller coaster at the end of the season. The wildcard game against the Bears to get them into the playoffs was nerve-wracking. The playoff game against the Eagles was a nail-bitter. The playoff game against the Falcons was an awesome blowout. The NFC Championship Game again against the Bears was too close for comfort. But, through it all they made it to the Super Bowl!

We celebrated with some old friends that we hadn't seen for far too long and the Lombardi trophy is back where it belongs. The best part? I like football because I like football, not to try to impress anybody. It feels good to just be me for me :)

Aaron Rodgers-Super Bowl XLV MVP and my boyfriend Clay Matthews

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