Sunday, February 6, 2011

Being Right

In my house it is rare for me to win an argument. Yesterday Terry and I had an argument. It was a stupid, petty argument, but an argument nonetheless. Terry found a random Popsicle stick in the living room. We don't eat a lot of Popsicles in our house, but here was one lone stick in the middle of the floor. Terry was like 'what the heck?'. I remembered that a couple of weeks ago he had eaten a Popsicle, so I told him that. He did not believe me. We proceeded to argue about this for 10 minutes or so. I figured out the the stick must have fallen beneath the couch and had gotten pulled out when Riley was looking for something that morning. Terry thought I was making this all up. I finally said I am going to start writing down and video taping everything you do so I can prove to you that I am right. Then we both remembered that Terry has been doing weight watchers and, in fact, tracks everything that he eats. He went back through his food for a couple of weeks a found that he had eaten a Popsicle exactly when I said he had. I was finally right! However, instead of feeling vindicated and happy for being right I was mad. I'm not sure why. I still have some self-reflection to do, I think.

Terry and I made up though, and spent a great day today cheering on the Packers to their victory in the Super Bowl (more on that tomorrow). Here's a picture of us from last fall (it really has no significance, but I think it's a cute picture).


  1. Were you mad because you were right, or because he didn't believe you and you had to "prove" yourself right? Glad you guys made up and were able to move on :)

  2. I'm pretty sure I was mad because I had to prove myself. Most of the time when I "lose" a silly argument like that it's because he says things that make me doubt myself or feel silly and so I give up. I think that part of it was I don't like how we feel when we argue so if he had simply agreed with me in the first place then the argument never would have happened.

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