Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jumbled Thoughts

Hmmm...so, I really do have a life of Riley picture montage in the works, but I'm a slacker, so you'll have to wait a little longer. Life as I know it has been fairly status quo lately (I'm really not sure that I used that term correctly). Work, Church, Husband, Kid--they all keep me pretty busy. So, maybe I'll talk about those.


My job is going well. I go through a roller coaster of "I can do it!" and "What was I thinking? I am so not qualified for this!" As well as a roller coaster of stress as events come and go. I guess I just need to hop on and enjoy the ride, but it's difficult. I'm learning to grow up and be in control of things and that is definitely something different.

Website(I couldn't find a good logo, so a link to the website will have to do.)

Church is going well! We (the members of four hills church) launched a brand new church in Crestwood, KY on June 6, 2010. It's going really well so far. We have a few new members and have had serveral visitors. We have an awesome outdoor worship service and cookout planned for this coming up Sunday! Terry and I are the "Outreach Directors" and we are proud to have that role, but I feel very inadequate and hope that I can live up to that role! We have some awesome kids at Four Hills and last week Terry and I got to be the teachers. It was fun, but boy was I glad to give them back to their parents at the end of an hour and a half! I am praying about a lot of things right now, but a few specifically regarding Four Hills Church.


(As Quail Man)

Terry keeps my busy :) I cook (Sometimes) and clean (some) and do laundry (a lot!) and hang out with him and buy him stuff all part of the wifely duties. But for real, he is my world. I love him. When I married him I really did marry my best friend. Do you remember when you were younger, teenager years maybe, and you and your best friend were inseparable? I do. I spent many summers camped out at my friend's houses. There were times when I would spend every day with a best friend and it was awesome...until it wasn't. Inevitably we would reach that point after so many days of being with each other all day every day where we were on each other's nerves and we just needed some time a part. So we would take a few days off and then be inseparable again. I think that's what happens in a marriage sometimes. Terry is absolutely without a doubt my very best friend. I can be myself (even when I am messy or silly or ditzy or mean) with true abandon, I always have someone to hang out with, and he thinks I'm funny (most of the time). But, inevitably, we reach a point where we are spending too much time together and we both end up annoyed. We are faced with 2 choices. We can be irritable and fight, or we can take a break and I can let him play video games with his friends until 2 AM and I can go sit on the porch swing and read. As we mature in our relationship we are learning to recognize the signs of burnout and make choices that will be healthy for our marriage. Growing isn't always comfortable, but it is worth it!


Riley is something. He has inherited my love for games. He loves card games, dice games, board games, video games and every other kind of game. I do too. Growing up I was forever pestering my siblings, parents, grandparents and friends to play games with me. When I was young I had a best friend named Heidi. I spent countless hours at Heidi's house and we always played games. She had a huge closet (at least it seemed huge to me) full of games and we would play for hours and hours. Riley is the same way. He would play games all day long if I would play with him. I hope that one day he will as lucky as I was and make a friend who likes games as much as he does. Riley just started Coach Pitch Baseball. He's always been athletically inclined and played t-ball for the last two summers, but I think he is learning this season that sports take work and not everything is going to come naturally to him. I think that's good for him. He is growing up and like I said earlier, growing up is never comfortable.

I guess that's all for now. As most bloggers say at the end of the first post in weeks, I do want to start blogging more often...I'll work on that.


  1. I'm getting something called a bodybugg to lose weight and was looking at straps, I saw this and it made me think of you...


  2. Aww...that's awesome that they made one for MS. Those are super cute, it makes your bodybugg looks like a nice accessory :)

  3. hey ali! it's so fun to find you in blogland.
    it's a wonderland, huh? i have met so many
    lovely, christian women and such creative
    ones, too!

    this is so fun to read about your fabulous


  4. Ali, I don't know why I'm just learning you have a blog! Very nice! I loved learning more about your two fellas. Look forward to reading more. Love ya!

  5. Lea, I find your blog so inspiring. I love reading about you and your family!

    Anna, I love your blog too!!

    Thanks to both of you for reading :)

  6. Ali, thanks for inspiring me to blog too! I love being able to read up on you guys and have a little look into your lives. Love you guys!

  7. I love your blog! It's nice to read about other moms/wives with crazy busy lives and how they juggle it all. I totally understand about being married to your best friend but sometimes needing a little space. It's great that y'all recognize that and can give each other the space you need.